Sunday, November 10, 2013

Book Review #2 Coming Up

The next book review is coming up!!  Can you guess what book it is? Yes, no, maybe, so?  I'll be doing a second book review this Friday, November 15, 2013.  And this time I promise to try and actually post the review on that day. : )  Maybe, depending on how much homework I have, I might even do the review earlier, but that's a maybe.  If I can't, then it will be this Friday (hopefully).  Putting all that aside, have you guessed what book it is yet that I'll be reviewing? No?  

Well, that lucky book is.... ***drum roll***....

Onyx (Lux Novel #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout!!!!!! 

Here's a quick one second, maybe a minute, early review teaser for you:

The action, suspense, romance are doubled up in this book, and that just makes this book twice as good as the first one!!

Notice something weird here?  This the second review that I'll be doing, and this is the second book in the Lux novels and everything in this book are twice as good as the first one.  Looks like #2 is the lucky number of the week! ; )

And now it's time for the book cover:


Don't let the cover fool you into thinking that this is a sappy romance novel, because trust me when I say that this book is way, way more than just a romance novel.  It's a thrilling, exciting, suspense, and all other words that can be used to describe this book, type of book!  Seriously, I am not joking!  

You know what they say:
"Don't judge a book by its cover" 

The review for this book will be posted on this page, and also under the science-fiction label.                                      


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