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Spark (The Elemental #2) Review

Title: Spark (The Elemental Series Book #2)

Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Genre: Science fiction

Age Group: Young adult

My Rating: 4 / 5

Goodreads Summary:

Gabriel Merrick plays with fire. Literally. Sometimes he can even control it. And sometimes he can't. Gabriel has always had his brothers to rely on, especially his twin, Nick. But when an arsonist starts wreaking havoc on their town, all the signs point to Gabriel. Only he's not doing it. And no one seems to believe him. Except a shy sophomore named Layne, a brainiac who dresses in turtlenecks and jeans and keeps him totally off balance. Because Layne has a few secrets of her own...

My Thoughts:

As with the first book, Spark is also written in dual perspectives.  On one hand, we get to read the story and events surrounding Gabriel's life, and on the other hand we get a understanding of who Layne is and what her life is like.  This two perspectives combine to create a really nice storyline filled with mystery, suspense, action, and romance.  Brigid Kemmerer perfectly balances each of these story elements so that the ending result is an overall good book.  I honestly was really looking forward to reading this book, especially after reading Storm which was also a fantastic, interesting book.

Everything in this book was well balanced, the writing flowed very smoothly and the pacing was perfect.  However, I still felt that they story could have used a little bit more variety of thoughts.  Even though reading from Gabriel's and Layne's point of view was fun, I was still kind of hoping to find out more about what happened with Chris and Becca, and how Becca's relationship with her father continued.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  The story jumped straight into Gabriel's life and the only answers readers got about things in the first book were from Gabriel, and that too was left for the reader to assume. [Spoiler below about events in Storm: highlight text after ending bracket to read spoiler]  The fact that Chris and Becca finally started dating, Becca's rocky  relationship with her dad after his actions in the first book, and Becca deciding to report her ex-boyfriend's behavior on prom night to the police were all learned from Gabriel.  But even those small answers which I felt were kind of vague didn't really do anything to satisfy my curiosity or questions about what happened after the first book ended.  Don't get me wrong though, because it really was fun reading the story from Gabriel's point of view and get a better understanding of him, I was just hoping that we'd get more information on the ending of the first book.

Overall, Spark was simply sparktastic in its own way, and despite some unanswered questions regarding the first book, I still loved it!  Brigid Kemmerer is a fantastic writer and I highly recommend everyone to read this book series!


It's once again time for the daily quotes of the book review! : )  Usually I'd get the quotes from the book, but I think the ones on goodreads, including the little conversations between characters are way better.  Plus it's way more easier to just copy and paste the quotes from goodreads onto here, so from now on all the quotes are going to be from goodreads, unless I find something in the book that I really like which goodreads doesn't have posted.

“A girl on the cheer squad had once asked Gabriel if having a twin was like looking in a mirror all the time. He'd asked her if being a cheerleader was like being an idiot all of the time - but really, it was a good question.” 

"Yeah," said Gabriel. "Nick took the car."
Michael didn't even look up from the screen. "Huh. Didn't you do the same thing this morning?"
"Don't talk to me like I'm a little kid."
Now his brothers eyes flicked up. "I'm sorry, was that a mature adult punching the front door?”


“Were you bluffing about getting out?"
Gabriel grabbed the door handle. When he was standing in the grit and rubble of the shoulder, feeling the rain trail down his collar, he hesitated before closing the door. "You know I don't even have a phone."
"Would now be a bad time for a joke about smoke signals?"


“You know," he said by way of greeting, "the night I caught you with Layne, I called you a future felon. I didn't realize you'd make good on that prediction so quickly."
"That night you dragged Layne out of my driveway, I called you an asshole. Guess we were both right.”

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