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Friday Favorites #1: Kaitlyn Hoyt

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I decided to do two in one today, so I am go with author's spotlight and the book series written by her because both are my favorites. Plus her new book is coming out this Saturday and she is simply just one of the best writers ever.  So without further delay I introduce to you....


About The Author (From her blog profile)-

Kaitlyn Hoyt is the name. Currently a nineteen year old student at Ball State University, I'm aspiring to be a self-published author, while continuing my dream of becoming a wildlife biologist. I love weird and random moments in life. They keep things interesting. Vegetarian. Proud tree-hugger. Lover of comic book movies. Avid reader. I have an unhealthy love for the soothing music of Josh Groban. Give me anything with pretzels, peanut butter and/or chocolate and I'll be your best friend.  I currently have four books planned in The Prophesized Series and a possible companion novel. In addition to The Prophesized Series, I'm working on the untitled first book in the Guardians of the Chosen series and a two standalone contemporary novels.

The Prophesized Series:

Book #1: Blackmoon Beginnings
Published: February 16, 2013

Goodreads Summary:
Large gorgeous men, a hidden race, and a magical secret. 

Ryanne Arden was on track to being Stormfield High School’s Valedictorian. Being the shy, quiet studious type, she’s always done her own thing. That all changed when a drunk man decided to get behind the wheel of a car. With the death of her mother, Ryanne is suddenly more alone than she’s ever been. With no friends or family to turn to, a local woman named Jane offers to help Ryanne in her time of need. 

With graduation looming ahead of her, eighteen year old Ryanne must get her act together if she wants to get out of the small town of Stormfield, Maine and away from her painful memories.

Meeting the attractive Colton Wagner, changes everything. He awakes something in Ryanne that even she didn’t know she had. Magic. With her life suddenly thrown upside down, Ryanne has been thrust into a world completely unbeknown to her. 

Being the only non-mage to ever gain magic, paints a target on Ryanne’s back. She’s the girl the whole mage world has been searching for. It has been prophesized for thousands of years that a young non-mage female would put an end to the chaos created by rogue mages, the Gadramicks. Their manipulative leader, Dravin, will do anything within his power to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

Finding out that she's an intricate part to ending a supernatural war, Ryanne has the weight of all mages on her shoulders. With the help of Colton and his family, along with a healer, a dream-walker, and a loud-mouthed mage, Ryanne sets out on the journey of a lifetime. Can she overcome her insecurities and do what is needed of her or will she lose her identity behind the magic inside of her?

Book #2: Scorching Secrets

Published: May 29, 2013

Goodreads Summary:
A magical prophecy, a dangerous journey, and scorching secrets.

Surviving one battle was hard enough for Ryanne, but that was just the beginning. There are so many unknowns ahead of her and the path she is on is riddled with obstacles that she has to overcome if she wants to come out alive.

With her magic growing stronger with each passing day, Ryanne is forced to watch visions play out--visions she doesn't want to see. When she sees the death of someone close to her, she is forced to change the future. Dravin Kione, the leader of the Gadramicks, is determined to make sure that that doesn't happen.

He's at the height of his reign and is going to throw everything at Ryanne to make sure that she doesn't ruin that. She has information that he needs to move forward and he's going to gather it at any cost. With the help of his new recruits, Dravin is getting closer to finding her location. He can't let the prophecy come true and Ryanne is the only person standing in his way.

As Ryanne grows closer to her new family, they get more serious about keeping her out of Dravin's hands. Battling her guilt, personal feelings towards a green-eyed mage, and the expectations of the mage world, Ryanne is struggling to stay afloat in the sea of confusion that surrounds her new life. With the help of Colton and his family, along with a healer, a dream-walker, and a loud mouthed mage, Ryanne sets out on the journey of a lifetime.

Book #3: Descending Darkness

Published:August 15, 2013

Goodread Summary:

A magical prophecy, scorching secrets, and descending darkness.

Ryanne’s had enough. Though only eighteen, she has the pressure of an ancient prophecy and the weight of an entire magical race pressed upon her shoulders. Because of that, she’s been surrounded by fighting and death for months.

Watching Dravin plunge a dagger into Colton’s side, put everything into perspective for Ryanne She changed her vision, but in the end it didn’t matter. He still died and there was nothing she could do but watch.

With the help of her new family, Ryanne has escaped the compound and is now more determined than ever to stop Dravin. He has found a way to extract magic from mages and he wants her magic.

As he begins recruiting more Gadramicks, Ryanne sets out to find more mages and form alliances because a battle is coming. Starting with a large mage with a hidden secret, Ryanne searches for the answers and strength she needs to move forward.

As Dravin and Ryanne both become stronger, everyone is starting to realize that the end is coming. Mages are rising and Dravin’s the only one with a plan. With darkness lurking at every corner, Ryanne is the only one that can bring any illumination during this time if only she can accept her role in this prophecy.

Book #4: Reaching Retribution
 To-Be-Published:December 07, 2013
Summary Is Not Released Yet

Why She And Her Books Are One Of My Most Favorites Of All Time:

1. Her writing is simply out of this world fantastic!  If I were to start describing her writing, this post would never ever end (not that I want it to end, but I have homework to finish, writing to do, and I have a vocal music audition for two different schools coming up this weekend, for which I need to practice)

2. She is only nineteen years old, still goes to collage and has already self-published three books in less than a year.  In case you haven't noticed the publication date of her first three books, and the coming fourth book, they are all published or going to be published within this year- 2013. (I don't know about you, but to me that is a really big accomplishment, and one of the things about her that inspired me to start writing down my own stories, instead of just keeping them locked away in my head)

3.  Her characters and story are the best.  They are not only humorous, but like her they also inspired me.  That might sound a little crazy, but it's totally true.  Ryanne's courage is really awe-inspiring, and I am able to relate with many of her feelings in the books.  Plus, David and Emma are just hilarious, and there were times when they literally had me laughing until my stomach hurt.


If you haven't read her books yet, you need to do so right now! Plus the first book is FREE so you have absolutely nothing to loose, not even your time because it is very highly likely (and by that I mean as in a really, really high chance) that once you are done with the first book, you will immediately want to grab the next one.  You really need to give this series a try, and see for yourself just how great it is.  For those of you that are familiar with The Prophesized Series, I hope you are as excited and upset as I am to read Reaching Retribution.  Excited because the wait is over and we can finally find out what happens next, and upset because this book marks the ending of this wonderful series.  Either way, I am looking forward to diving back into the mage world.

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