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Making Up For Monday #1: Book Ending

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If you could rewrite the ending to any book, what would you change?

If I could change the ending of a book it would be Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins:

At the end of this book, Prim is dead, Katniss killed Coin and was punished for it, and in the epilogue all we know is that Katniss and Petta are together.  The readers have no information about what happened to Gale, and the other remaining victors of the games. I hated how this series just ended like that.  Don't get me wrong, because I loved all the books in The Hunger Games Trilogy, but I really did not like the ending of this book.

If I could rewrite the ending this is how it would be-

Instead of Katniss killing Coin without any explanation, Katniss would first gather evidence to prove that Coin did in fact send Prim to the capitol on purpose, and indirectly caused Prim's death.  Then, she would show all that evidence to the people on the day of Snow's death, and kill Coin afterwards without being punished for it.  She and Gale would work out all their relationship problems, and Katniss would finally choose Petta.  Only then, they would return back to District 12 to start a new life.  Later on during the epilogue, it would be ten years later, and Gale would be married to some other girl that he fell in love with and Katniss and Petta would be married too, and they would all have young children.  They, along with some of their relatives and friends, including Katniss's mother, Gales's siblings and mother, Haymitch, Pultarch, Effie, Johanna, and some of the other victors that survived and were close friends of Katniss and Petta would be at the victor's village in District 12 at Katniss's house having dinner with each other.  It would be a reunion, also marking the day of Snow's execution ten years back, and the official ending of the war.  And finally, at the very ending there would be a twist where Pultarch informs everyone of a rumor about a new uprising from District 1 against the government, and that's when the story would finally end.

That's how I kind of imagined the ending to be.  So what do you think, did you imagine the ending of this story a different way?  Is there any other books whose ending you would like to change?

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