Friday, December 20, 2013

Raise Funds For William Sanders

Hey guys!  As you may have noticed by now, I am not doing the "Friday Favorites" meme today.  I have some more important news that I'd really like to share with you guys.

It's about a teenager named William Sanders.  He is seventeen years old and has an undiagnosed diesease that effects his nervous system.  He has had many tests, procedures done over the years but nothing seems to be working.  However, he is and continues to be very optimistic and he has decided to "embrace life".  Therefore, he wants to go on a road trip across the U.S.A on a RV next summer and his family is trying to raise $30,000.

I learned of this fund raiser from Jennifer L. Armentrout's blog and she is hosting auctions for her books in order to help with the fundraiser.  You can help by bidding on her books and helping William and his family raise money for the road trip.

If you want to know more about William Sanders you can visit the following website:

If you want to bid on the books being auctioned by Jennifer L. Armentrout for the fundraiser you can go to:

If you want to visit the website of the fundraiser, it's the following website:

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