Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Teaser #1

Hello Everyone!!!
It's once again time for....

Teaser Tuesday!

And before you say anything, I know I have been slacking on these memes.

Anyway, getting back to today's meme-

This is the first ever book that I am writing and plan on publishing.  It might or might not be part of a series.  It's a paranormal young adult book, but it also has a lot of mystery, suspense, action in it.  Romance is a major part of this novel, but it doesn't have any mature content meant only for adults.  There's murder involved, and of course hot boys and paranormal twists.

Okay, that's enough talking from me.  And now to the actual teaser:

This might or might not change before publication  

"While at my previous high school in Paris, when I first started classes there, everyone was always staring and whispering, but here no one even threw me a second glance, for which I was really grateful.  I couldn’t bear to have a repeat of the same old experience that comes with being the new student, or that super duper wonderful experience I had at all while at that school.  Sure, people still looked my way, and gave me weird looks, but for the most part everyone looked bored and uninterested, which is strange seeing that this was such a small town, but then again, I am not complaining.  I’d rather they ignore me than stare or talk about me, or worse act the same way as everyone else did at the other school.  And although I should be happy about this because this is exactly what I want, I can't somehow get over the feeling that this was somehow planned and not real.  The town had always been weird, but this time something was different and I could feel it in my bones."

That's all for this post.  Let me know what you think about this teaser!

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