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Hi, everyone!! So I am officially back from my two weeks break from blogging.  As you may have noticed, this is something new and it's my first time doing this meme, so excuse any mistakes I might make.  Still getting used to this amazing blogging world, I guess.  Usually, I don't have time to do any posts on weekdays, proven by the lack of posts for the Monday and Wednesday meme, due to schoolwork most of the time.  But it's Friday, so I as tired as I may be, I am still free and I have time to do it, so why not? 

Anyway, getting back to this amazing newly discovered meme- which was thankfully recommended to me by Liana Chau of Liana's Bookholic-ness. This week's question is:

If you could read a book for the “first time” again, which book would it be? Why?

There are so many amazing books that I have read over the years, but if I had to choose which book I'd like to read for the "first time" again, I would always go with The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I'll be honest and admit that reading wasn't something I did or even liked to do until like almost three years ago, when I first read this book.  It introduced me to so many other young adult books that I have read and fallen in love with since then, and it made me into a reading lunatic (which I obviously don't mind being).  This was probably my first ever most favorite book that I have read and it will always hold a special place in my heart because if I hadn't read this book, I most likely wouldn't have ever discovered the love of reading, and become a part of this wonderful reading and blogging community.  So if I am ever to loose my memory, this would be the book that I'd be most grateful to be able to read again for the "first time" and plus this book would always ensure the fact that I fell in love with reading all over again.

The Hunger Games is my chosen book to be able to read again for the "first time", what's yours?

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  1. Great answer!
    New follower via GFC :)
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  2. ME TOO!! So glad you enjoyed Hunger Games as much as I did. There were so many Harry Potter answers, that seeing another HG answer makes me smile. Welcome to Feature and Follow Friday! :)

    New GFC Follower! Would appreciate a follow back. :)

    My FF: Isabelle's Book Reviews

  3. I'd love to experience The Hunger Games all over again! One of the best books I've ever read. :D
    New GFC, Google+, and email follower :)
    My FF @ Donnie Darko Girl

  4. Hi there, following thru from Parajunkie's FF, and now following you via GFC, Google+. You can find me at BookShelves Of Dreams

  5. Thanks for following! I tried visiting your blog, but blogger kept blocking me from going to the site because of adult contents? Anyway, thanks again for following!
    : )


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