Monday, February 17, 2014

Making Up For Monday #3


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It's been so long since I did this meme!  I love the questions Tiffany has for every week, and no matter how much I want to do them, I just can't find the time- too much homework on Mondays! : (  But anyway since it's mid-winter break here, I finally have a chance to relax and enjoy my Monday reading, writing, and doing this blog post for instance.

Okay, moving on to this week's question:

Where is your favorite place to read?

My Response:

I don't really have a favorite since the place where I spend half the day is at my apartment, so obviously that's where I spend most of my time reading-  either in the living room couch, or in the bedroom.  However, this isn't the perfect or my favorite place to read.  I read at my house because I have nowhere else to go, especially since the places I am allowed to go to by myself is very restricted or limited by my overprotective parents (not that I have anything against that).  But if I were given the chance, my favorite place to read would be in my own back yard, which would have lots of trees and flowers, and everything would be quiet and peaceful.  There would be a back porch or balcony to sit and read during the winter times, while still having a view of the wonderful scenery.  Basically a quiet and peaceful place with a lot of nature involved, and a cup of coffee, or orange juice and some snacks, (usually when I start reading, I continue to read for more than four hours straight, and get hungry along the way, but I am to hooked in to the book and too lazy to get up and grab something to eat).  So yeah, that would be pretty much my version of my perfect and favorite place to read. ; )

Quick Update:  

I will most likely be absent again from my blog for the rest of the week because even though it's "technically" mid-winter break, school seems to love its students too much and can't let them go, even for a week.  Therefore, I have a humongous science project (and I am not kidding about the humongous part), two research papers, along with all the other kind-of-miniature everyday homework for my English and math classes.  Pretty great vacation!  Anyway, I'll have to start tackling this massive pile of project and homework tomorrow and it's going to take me the rest of the week to finish it all!

I hope you'll have a great week!  Sorry for that really long ranting by the way! ; )

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