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Soul Mates: Guest Post By Shay West

Hi everyone! Today I have a special treat for you guys!

Ms. Shay West, author of Dangerous Reflection is doing a guest post for us on soul mates.  Her new book Dangerous Reflection is coming out this Monday, June 23, 2014, and soul mates are a part of her new book, so she is here to talk to us about that.

Ladies and gentleman.... Ms. Shay West.

Soul Mates

When it comes to books, I prefer action compared to romance. Not that a little romance is necessarily a bad thing, I just like to read fast-paced books with battles and conflict. I prefer to read about how two people fall in love rather than the act of love itself. What brought the two together? Are they attracted only physically at first but love blossoms later? Do they hate each other only to find they have more in common than they realize? Are they drawn together like a moth to a flame, unable to resist one another? Are they forced into a marriage that their families arranged before they were born? There are so many ways people come to love one another and decide to make that commitment to stay together. It’s this aspect that fascinates me.

When it came to writing my YA series, the Adventures of Alexis Davenport, I knew I HAD to have some sort of romance. Or at the very least a serious crush. Because let’s face it, as a teenager, we tend to have massive crushes rather than a deep-rooted love. But these crushes can be an all-consuming force that robs us of what little sanity we have.

But I also went a step further and gave Alex something deeper than a crush, only she doesn’t quite understand the significance. Each time she travels back in time, she encounters a boy that she feels drawn to, almost as though she knows him better than she knows herself. Isn’t this the kind of love we all dream of? Finding that one person we are destined to be with and living happily ever after?

Will this boy be Alex’s one and only? You’ll have to read the Adventures of Alexis Davenport series and find out.

A big thank you to Ms. West for taking the time to talk to us about your book.   : )

About Ms. Shay West:

Shay West was born in Longmont, CO and earned a doctorate degree in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical. Dr. West currently lives in Grand Junction, CO with her two cats. When not writing novels, she plays with plushie microbes and teaches biology classes at Colorado Mesa University. She is the author of the Portals of Destiny series and the Adventures of Alexis Davenport series. She has also been published in several anthologies: Battlespace (military scifi), Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior (fundraiser), and Ancient New (steampunk/fantasy).
You can find Dr. West and more of her work at

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Release Date: June 23, 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Alexis Davenport wants to go home. She hates her new school, her mother for moving her away from her friends, and her father for walking out.

To make matters worse, Alex is haunted by images of strange girls reflected in her mirror. It’s bad enough juggling homework, a relentless bully, boys, and a deadbeat dad; now, she must save the world from an evil presence hell-bent on changing the past – and our futures. Who knew her A+ in history was going to be this important?

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