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Charming Review Book Tour & Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone!  Welcome to my stop on the Charming blog tour, there's a review and giveaway for you all today!  A big thank you to Ms. Krystal  Wade and to Xpresso Book Tours for this wonderful book and for selecting me to be a part of this tour!  : )

Title: Charming

Author:  Krystal Wade

Genre: Thriller, Romance

Age Group: Young Adult

Publication Date: October 6, 2014

Goodreads Summary:

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that's great . . . as long as you don't die. 

Sixteen-year-old Haley Tremaine had it all: top-notch school, fantastic family, and a bright future, but all of that changed when an accident tore her family apart. Now, an alcoholic father, a bitter younger sister, and a cold headstone bearing her mother’s name are all she has left.

Chris Charming has it all: a powerful CEO for a father, a prestigious school, and a fortune at his fingertips, but none of that matters when he lands a reputation as a troublemaker. Struggling to follow in his father’s footsteps, he reaches out to the one person he believes truly sees him, the one person he wants: Haley.

Little do they know someone's determined to bring the two together, even if it means murder.

My Thoughts:

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Charming is probably the second ever thriller novel that I have ever read, and I am very happy to say that I absolutely loved this book!  I usually like to just stick to the paranormal, science fiction, or dystopian fiction stories, but occasionally I pick up a contemporary romance novel, or such, but I have always avoided horror, or murder, or any sort of mystery thriller novels.  It's mainly because one, they aren't really of my interest, and two... well, call me strange or weird, but I have always hated horror movies and still do because they give me the creeps every time, and I really very strongly don't like that feeling.  Plus, if I see something too scary than I'll spend all night jumping or getting scared of every small sound, which is why I also avoid reading anything horror or thriller, because I have learned that my imagination can just get a little too creative to the point where I creep myself out. 

This book however was the BEST romantic thriller novel that I have ever read!  The super nice eye catching cover and the intriguing summary immediately got my attention, and even though I steer clear of thriller novels, I decided to make an exception for this one.  After all, the summary was way too appealing and the romance aspect of this story really had me wanting to read the book.  So you can probably guess that when I got this book, I jumped straight in and read until the very last page.  Although I'll admit that for me, the first few chapters at the beginning of the book had started out slow.  However though, after those few chapters the story really started to pick up the pace, and it just got better and better the more I read.  This was a such an intense and interesting book that I could read it all over again twenty times and still not get tired.

As for the characters, I really admired Haley.  She was such a strong character, and had a great deal of courage.  I really loved her determination (no matter how frusrtrating it was) to protect her younger sister from the truth about how their dad really was, and how he had treated their mom and Haley.  I understood that Haley wanted to protect her younger sibling, but sometimes I just wanted Haley to tell the truth and get it over with so that her sister would be more understanding.  Aside from Haley, I absolutely loved Chris and his parents.  They were such great characters and so very nice.  Chris was that charming prince in disguise and I am so glad that he didn't give up on Haley.  He waited for her and was so very supportive.  The same thing goes for Chris's parents.  Their kindness and support towards Haley and her sister both before and after everything happened was really heartwarming, and just so very nice. Plus, the book wrapped up very nicely and had a really satisfying ending.

Charming was a fantastic book and I absolutely loved it, and it was one of the first ever thriller book that didn't really creep me out as much.  This of course doesn't mean that I'll start reading horror or thriller books more often now, but I will definitely make sure to keep an eye out for more of Ms. Wade's books.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a nice mystery thriller, with heartwarming romance!

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About The Author:

Krystal Wade is happily married to the love of her life (don’t gag) and raising three beautiful children in the gorgeous state of Virginia. They live just outside Washington, D.C., and every day she wakes up to find herself stuck in traffic trying to get there.

The horrid commute gives Krystal plenty of time to zone out and think about her characters in full, brilliant details (she’s a safe driver; don’t worry). Stories give her a way to forget about the sometimes smelly strangers sitting next to her on the fifty mile trek into town (she picks up hitchhikers every day. True story. Check out if you don’t believe us).

Krystal has been a part of organized hitchhiking for nearly fifteen years, but that’s just one small aspect of her oh-so-large life. When she’s not working, commuting, or chasing after her three children (four if you count the man), you can usually find Krystal outside talking to her chickens like they’re the cutest things in the world (they are), or training her amazing dogs how to herd said chickens (which they love), or curled up on the sofa with a good book (why can’t that be 100% of the time?).

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  1. It's weird with me I can't watch horror movies bc they terrify me, but I love horror and thriller novels! I love the sounds of this one! I like that even if it's a thriller it's also very character driven with depth and substance! I find that is becoming rarer! Great review! :)

    1. Thank you! I tried reading some horror/ thriller books before, but like I said my imagination got the best of me so I don't really read those too often anymore. And I totally agree with you- this book most definitely had a lot of depth and substance! I really enjoyed reading this book! : )


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