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Redemption (Revelation #3) Review

Title: Redemption

Author: Randi Cooley Wilson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age Group: Mature YA / NA

Rating: 5 / 5

Goodreads Summary:


For Eve Collins, darkness has descended after her love vanished into the night sky. A new protector has been appointed, one who challenges everything she’s believed to be true. 

In this third installment of The Revelation Series, Eve will become aware of dangers and worlds that exist only in her nightmares, and bloodline secrets that will trigger a centuries old war. 

You can escape anything, except your destiny.

My Thoughts:

Once again, Ms. Wilson has done a fabulous job in creating such a story that I felt like I was right there with Eve and rest of the gang as they went through one hell of a roller coaster ride.  Honestly, I didn't even think that it was possible to fall anymore in love with this series or the amazing characters but obviously Ms. Wilson just had to prove me wrong.  Redemption was such a fantastic read, and I loved every single second of it!  In fact, this is my most favorite book out of this entire series so far.

Redemption jumped right back into Eve's story a couple of weeks after the events in Restraint.  I really loved how Eve was able to get back on her feet and continued to be strong even in the worst of situations.  This book was equally as intense as it was funny.  There were scenes that had me laughing out loud, while others had me wanting to pull my hair out because of all the suspense and mystery!  Also be warned that the chemistry between Asher and Eve will totally blow you away, it's that intense!  Not to mention, the whole mystery of who the traitor is had me spending a lot of time trying to figure out who it might be while reading.  I don't want to spoil the story for anyone but I am going to say that I have a few guesses about who it probably is, and one of them was right.  However, I am really very badly hoping that my other guesses aren't right, because if they are then it would just be really heartbreaking and sad.

If you have read my reviews of the first two books in this series, Revelation (go HERE), and Restraint (go HERE), than you are probably aware of how much I absolutely love Eve and the gorgoyal gang.  Asher is as usual his jerkish, annoying, but super hot and swoon worthy self, and Eve is her usual caring, witty, and feisty self.  As for Abby and Callan, they are of course the most hilarous and adorable out of everyone. There was even this one scene where they were fighting over ice cream flavors and Eve had to swear to never eat fruit flavored ice cream in front of Callan ever again.  It  was just so cute and had me laughing for five minutes straight! The ones that most surprised me however, but in a good way, were McKenna and Keegan.  I felt like in this book I was really finally able to understand those two and why they are so guarded all the time.  And finally, there's Gage.  Despite reading about him in three books (and this book had way more scenes with Gage than the last two did combined), I still find it hard to fully trust him.  During the first part of the book, I actually thought that he was on the good side, but the ending has me confused again. He is truly a very complex character, but I really hope that in the end he really is the good guy or else I'll be very mad at him.

I obviously loved this book and couldn't put it down until I finished reading it, literally!  Redemption was filled with either suspense, action, romance, or all three combined in every single page until the very last one.  The only thing that I am upset about is that the next book, Revolution, won't come out until next year.  After that cliffhanger, which I love and hate, waiting for Revolution is going to be so very hard!

Here's One Of My Favorite Scene From Redemption:

     He shrugs and chuckles. "One more time and then I promise to stop."
     I sigh facing him. "Fine," I reply through my tight jaw.

    Callan jumps up and down, clapping like a fangirl.  Good Lord.

    "I, Eve Marie Collins, agree that Callan Thomas St. Michael, is absolutely correct.  Fruit flavored ice cream is not, in fact, an appropriate ice cream flavor.  Furthermore, I hereby solemnly swear to never order black raspberry ice cream again in the presence of the greatest gargoyle to ever live, Callan St. Michael." Christ, this clan is nuts.
     Callan is tearing up he's laughing so hard.  "Torturing you is so much fun."

     I narrow my eyes at him. "You suck, gargoyle.

     That earns me a headlock. "If you fight, it will only make it worse for you."  He laughs.

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