Friday, February 13, 2015

Review Requests: Accept Or Reject?

I have been wondering about this for a while and I want to know.  How do you, as a book blogger, decide which review requests to accept and what to reject?  This has been on my mind for a while and I want to hear what you guys think regarding this topic.

For me, accepting or rejecting a review request depends on the type of book(s) that is being requested, the time frame (if there is any) that I need to have the review posted by, and how many other requests I have pending at the moment.  Also, it depends on whether or not I am too busy with my own stuff and have enough time to read the book(s).  

Mostly though, I give priority to what type of book(s) it is, like paranormal, dystopian, etc.  If I find the book to be really interesting, I'll accept the request, even if I am super busy at the moment.  I might barely have any time to read, but if I like the book I'll accept it.  I give top priority to the type of book it is mostly for ARC requests though.  

If the review request is for a book that's already published, I usually also look at the review ratings on Amazon and goodreads, and read the previews if there are any.  That way I have an idea of what the book is like, which usually helps me make the final decision on whether or not I want to accept the request.  I also look at some of the positive and negative reviews for the book.  But I try not to do that too much though, because I feel that the reviews, especially the negative ones, might influence my thoughts before I even read the book, if I were to read it.

That's pretty much how I go about deciding which review requests I want to accept.  How do you decide when you get review requests?  I am a curious person, so I really want to know what you guys do to help you figure out if the book is something you might like to read or not. :)


  1. this is a lovely topic :) I don't always accept review requests nowadays (even if I always did back then). I prioritize the ones that are published by huge publishing houses or ARCs :) And I know it's kind of inconvenient, but I don't reply back to requests that I don't want to accept. It's just that I get a lot within a certain time, and I just can't always reply because 1) Internet problems :(((

    1. Ugh! I hate internet problems! I always reply to review requests even if it's one that I am rejecting. I feel really guilty if I get a request and just choose to ignore it or don't reply to it. But I understand what you mean. I have so much school stuff keeping me busy that I just can't accept many requests even if I want to. I really just give priority to how much the book interests me and if it's going to be something I'll enjoy reading or not, because otherwise it would just be a waste of time.

  2. My review requests are closed right now, so I don't get hardly any. But back whenever I did, a lot of thought went into which books to accept. A lot of times, I would auto-decline if I could tell they hadn't read my request guidelines (sending a genre I said I don't read, calling me by the wrong name, or something along those lines). It mostly came down to interest and time frame for me. I got so swamped with reviews that I had to stop allowing requests. I'm finally caught up now, and I think I'll keep it this way for awhile!

    1. I also mostly accept requests based on my interest and time. I never closed the review requests, but I can definitely relate to getting swamped with reviews. It was a combination of requests and blog tours I had signed up for that were review posts. Thankfully, I don't have tons of requests and deadlines to meet now, so I can accept more requests if I want. The only problem now is that I have so much schoolwork, etc., that I barely have time to read on weekdays. :(


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