Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From The Wreckage (From The Wreckage #1) Review

Title: From The Wreckage

Author: Michele G. Miller

Genre: Contemporary

Age Group: Young Adult

My Rating: 6 / 5

Goodreads Summary:

“In a matter of minutes on a Friday night, I lost my school, my identity, the security of my first love, the personality of my sweet fearless brother, my best friend, my town, everything as I knew it. Everything changed.”

"Minutes - that’s all it takes to change your entire life. How do you deal with that?”

For high school senior Jules Blacklin surviving the storm is only the beginning. Faced with the new reality of her life, she must find a way to rise From The Wreckage and answer the question - how do you get back to normal, when everything that was normal is gone?

My Review:

I'll be honest and say that when I read the summary, I was hesitant to pick this book up because I had never really read this type of story before and didn't know what to expect.  I wasn't sure if this was my type of book or not, or if I was even going to like it.  Even after I brought this book, I waited a long while before I actually decided to read it.  But the minute I started reading this book, I wanted to hit myself in the head for waiting so long to pick it up! 

This was one of the most intense books that I have ever read!  From the very first word, I was transported to Jules's world.  The story was written so nicely that I felt like I was a part of the story and experiencing everything that Jules was going through.  Even the emotions expressed in this book are so raw, intense, and they felt so real.  And let me tell you, no book has ever been able to bring tears to my eyes as fast as this book did.  And it wasn't only one time, it happened many times throughout.  I very rarely cry over books, but this book...this book was probably the only book I have ever read that was able to make me almost cry multiple times.    

Besides the entire story itself, I loved the characters and how every single one of them grew and changed from the beginning to the end.  Like everything else in this book, the characters also seemed very alive and someone you could definitely relate to.  The romance in this book was light, but at the same time also very intense.  Basically, even though this is a fictional book, I never once felt like the story was actually fiction because everything felt so realistic and true.

This was such a heart wrenching and beautiful story about survival, love, friendship, and finding your way back after facing a life changing event.  There are no words to truly describe just how amazing this book was.  This story made me cry, laugh, and took me on a big roller coaster ride full of emotions!  I loved every single second reading this story.  Seriously, I highly recommend that you pick this book up and start reading it right away! 

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  1. I'm humbled by this fabulous review! Thank you so much <3

    1. I loved reading this book and writing this review was actually tough for me because there really are no words to describe how awesome this book is. ;) I can't wait to read the next books in this series!


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