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Book Spotlight: Down The Wormhole by Ana Franco

Title: Down The Wormhole

Author: Ana Franco

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Age Group: Young Adult

To Be Published: June 18, 2015 

In a city there is a tiny lane that separates two orphanages - one for boys and one for girls. Inside live two very special groups of teenagers. These teenagers carry a secret and leave it tucked safely away in their mysterious lives.

Then one day, a girl named Kitty arrives. No last name, just Kitty.

Before Kitty has time to be astonished by the teenagers' real identities, she is whisked into a magical realm that slowly unfolds her own. She must come to terms with her true place in the world while she can, because time is ticking and there are secrets in the wormhole.

Travel with Kitty and her new friends Down The Wormhole into a mysterious world of magic, mythology, and mayhem.



     The sound of metal clashing against the floor made Eris frown – she was taking longer than she meant to – and she had to escape, with Set or not. She tapped one of her feet impatiently on the floor.

     New guards were coming.

     It was time to get out or risk being caught.

     She swiftly decided to take a new approach – a desperate one, yes, but she was on the edge. “Set. Don’t you miss the adventure? The feeling of being the best of them? I can give you that pleasure. Just come with me.”

     Getting up, Set sighed. “It had better be worth it.” 

     Biting at bait Eris set forth was never a wise thing to do. But considering his options, what was worse- Eris or a prison where he would live forever?

     Eris put her hand inside of the cell, offering it to Set, and he promptly refused. Sighing, she in-stead waved her hand through the air, and the stones of his cage started to fall apart, leaving a hole for him to exit. Set smiled and stood up, cleaning the dust from his clothes.

     The other prisoners were very agitated now – they were very loud, thrusting their hands outside their cages, trying to grasp on to Eris and Set.

     The duo started running as quickly as they could towards the exit door, passing over two unconscious guards. Their exit wasn’t very far, and they pushed harder. They were suddenly cut off as guards emerged with weapons drawn, closing off their portal. Leading the group was Sif, angrier than ever, her eyes on fire as she stared furiously at Eris.

     She nodded to the guards and commanded loudly, “Don’t let them escape.”

     She was staring at Eris, smiling and shaking her head. Trials of blood had dried over her eye-brows and chin. She ignored it, letting the spear dance between her hands.

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About The Author:

Ana Franco was born on a small town on the interior of São Paulo, Brazil. She is known as a blogger under the name of “Ana the Bookworm” and her Young Adult novel, “Down The Wormhole”, is her first take in writing in English. Ana attends to college of Literature and Teaching in her country as well as she has taken courses in areas of Children’s Literature, Literature in schools, influences of the world wars at the world’s cultures and in writing for a global market.
To her, being Latina means being proud all the time of such a variety of cultures and stories. And, of course, being "hot-blooded".

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