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Book Spotlight: Lali Of The Lill By Adi Mandal

Title: Lali Of The Lill

Author: Adi Mandal

Genre: Fantasy

Age Group: Young Adult

Publication Date: February 15, 2015

Lali must face her fears and begin the journey to The Lill, a treacherous journey built around lies. In seeking for the truth about her past and future, she must leave Krei, the young man who loves her more than his life, and learn to trust Theon, a stranger who claims he is the only one who can help her. 



     At home and miles away from busy Moorgate, Lali still thought about him. How could she not when she had prayed every night to see him again? She recalled the earlier scene at the Pizza Galleria when he didn’t even notice her existence before she found hope once more.

     “Could it be that he was just pretending? This could just be a tactical move to keep me safe from the enemies.”

     But she couldn’t confirm. Several crazy ideas on how she could get Theon to admit he was the young man she thought he was crossed her mind before she finally left it all in the hands of fate.

     Her thoughts of him completely vanished when she saw the cute surprise hanging on their porch’s clothesline. Then, she heard a lovely voice.
     “Lali,” called out Stella as she stood by the front door. “What are you doing out there staring at your uniforms hung up to dry? Come on in, dinner is ready.”

     The small smile on Lali’s face turned into a grimace. “I’ve told him many times he doesn’t have to do my laundry. And if he does it, it had better be done right. But he never listens.”

     Lali knew well enough that she was a messy sight. Her long, black hair was rarely combed. Her lips had never felt the smooth tip of a stick lip balm. She hardly checked herself out in the mirror because that was simply not on her ‘to do’ list. So with all these things in mind, Lali couldn’t fathom what she may have done to deserve a guy like Krei.

     Stella glanced at the cute yet improper way Lali’s shirts and pants had been pinned on the clothesline and chuckled, her wrinkly eyes narrowing with pure joy. “What you should do instead is thank him for the goodness of his heart. Not just for doing little gestures like this, but for being a good future son-
in-law to me. I can guarantee you’ll never find another guy like Krei.”

     Stella and Lali were foreigners to London coming from a faraway place, a place where they were not welcomed. Their own family and friends caused their banishment, and so they were not too surprised by the hostile treatment of their neighbors over them, especially Louise. No word could describe how much Krei’s young stepmother hated the mother and daughter, especially Lali.

     “He’d also tidied your room and made the bed,” said Stella, still smiling. “He said you’d be too exhausted from work to do anything else other than shower and brush your teeth. Are you, sweetheart?”

     Lali shook her head profusely. “When do I ever get exhausted? I may be thin like a bamboo stick but I’m stronger than a dinosaur!”

     And then she had second thoughts. Maybe today she was exhausted. Thinking about Theon and why he didn’t recognize her took too much of her energy.

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