Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Truth About Blogging & Me

Happy 2017!!

Yes, I realize that is long overdue, and that 2017 started over 2 months ago.  But as you may (or may not) have noticed, I have not been around here for awhile now, and since this is my first official post of 2017, it only seems logical that I start off by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year! :)

Going back to not being around here, the last time I had posted was back in August- over 4 months ago.  In the past, I have done this several time as well- where I'd be posting infrequently, like only once or twice a month.  But I believe this is probably the longest I have ever gone without posting anything for awhile.

In the past, I have also written posts like this trying to explain why I was not blogging as regularly as I used to when I first started this in 2013.  But do you want to know something?  Those posts weren't completely honest.  But this one is.  Why?  Because I figured that if I really were to get everything back on track, than it's best for me to start off with the complete and utter truth.  

And the truth is that blogging has, or rather had become a burden for me.  Somewhere along the lines, I forgot why I loved blogging in the first place, and instead started to focus on how many page views I was getting, how many comments I got, etc., etc.  

And once I started to do that, I got discouraged.  My page views, while pretty good, were still not what I wanted them to be, and I got about only 0-2 comments every once in a while on my posts.  I tried to not care at first, and I didn't.  I figured I'd just keep on doing what I was doing, 'cause that was what I loved and eventually everything would work itself out.  

But THEN, I started reading other blogs and interacting with other bloggers, and I became jealous.  I saw blogs that were much prettier, that had much more interesting, better posts than mine.  That knew how to engage with their readers and fellow bloggers.  And it made me envious and even more discouraged that I didn't know how to write good, engaging posts, have funny gifs, or make my blog look pretty.  I forgot the big picture and why I had started blogging in the first place.  All I could think every time I sat down to write a post- weather it was a review or just a random discussion- was that there was no point to doing it, because after all, who would want to read it?  I thought that my blog was crap, my posts were crap, and in a way, I suppose I just gave up on my blog.  

After that came the string of infrequent postings.  While a lot of it was due to the the fact that I was (and still am) very busy with school and everything, most of it however, was due to the fact that trying to keep my blog updated felt like a complete burden.  It became just another thing that I had to do, but really didn't want to.  Yeah, the idea of sitting down and writing something, and then hitting the publish button on the post still got me excited, but when I would actually sit down to write up a post, I just found different excuses to not do it.  This lasted until last August, and once school started, I had my perfect excuse to not bother blogging anymore, and I didn't.

But in all those 4 something months of not doing anything with this blog or posting, it has never occurred to me to completely just give up blogging once and for all, and to just forget this whole thing.  And only recently, I have realized (thanks to the encouragement and enthusiasm from some family members and my awesome school librarian) that it was because despite everything I thought about my blog and posts, I didn't want to give up on it.  If there's one thing about me that's always remained constant, it's my determination and unwillingness to just completely give up on things.  I might take a break from stuff every once in a while but ultimately I refuse to just give up completely.  And this made me realize that I still love blogging, that I still want to write reviews and random posts ranting about the books I love, and have someone, even if its just one person, read my posts.  That I want to still interact with other fellow bloggers and book lovers and share my love of books with them.

So what does that mean basically?  It means that I am actually, truly going to make an effort starting now to get back into doing what I love.  And while I'll still probably sometimes think that my posts are just a bunch of crap, and be envious of all those blogs with the fun posts, that are engaging with other readers/bloggers, I am not going to to completely stop blogging just cased on how many page views/ comments/ etc. I am getting.

just completely stop blogging again simply based on how many page views/comments/etc. I am getting..That being said, since I have decided to start blogging again, I am trying to not start off with too many things at once and make everything too overwhelming for me again.  Also, the fact that I am currently in my juinor year of high school and have finals and a whole bunch of other tests coming up, means that I don't have that much free time for extra stuff.  So for the next couple months, I am going to do my best to post at least once a week , and if I am unable to always do that, then I'll try my best to post at least once every two weeks.  Like I said, I want to start out slowly.  One of the sad parts about me having stopped blogging was that I also stopped reviewing books.  I love to support my favorite authors and the books I love, but when I stopped blogging, I had also stopped writing any and all reviews, because I believed they too, were stupid and no one would read them.  So now that I am starting writing again, my main focus is going to be on reviewing every book I read this year.  As of now, that means that most of my posts for the next couple months will probably be review posts only, and that works out perfectly since that's pretty much all I'll have time to post anyway.

On to other stuff, I think it's about time this place had a little change of scenery.  With the whole new year, new beginnings, I thought it would be a good idea to give my blog a complete makeover.  However, that's going to take time, but it is something that I am working on right now, so hopefully in the next couple of months, something will be ready and and this blog will be  be even more fantastic than before! :)

And...that is pretty much all for now.  It definitely felt nice to get all that out.  And I am really really looking forward to blogging  again!! I hope you all will be on this journey with me and share in my love of books!

Until Next Time!
~ Saptarshi


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  2. I get it. Blogging is tough. I post stuff and wonder if anyone reads it. Or I post and no one comments, which sucks. But I've always enjoyed reading your posts and honest book reviews.

    So I'm glad you're not giving up. :-)


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